Practicing Positive Leadership Training Papua New Guinea

Positive Leadership Training PNG

Practicing Positive Leadership Training

Training for Executives & Managers
Provided by ITJTC Most Experienced Trainer

Tools and Techniques that create extraordinary results

We are all extraordinary, So is working with people who believe that

What is the Training?

A specially designed workshop aimed to improve leadership skills for organization’s executives, managers, community leaders and senior public servants.

“In the end it is important to remember that we cannot  become what we need to be, by remaining what we are…

The signs of outstanding leadership appear PRIMARILY in the followers. Are the followers reaching their potential?
Are the followers learning? Serving? Do they achieve the  required results? Manage conflict? ” Max DePree

Join iconic companies such as Amazon, BMW, eBay, Google, Harley-Division, Honda, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, Southwest Airlines, Virgin Group and more who have applied this learning to achieve their industry success and long term sustainability.

Based on years of business studies and the work of world renown educators, and CEO’s like: Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard, Roger Collins, S.R. Covey, Max DePree, Peter Drucker, Barbara Fredrickson, Bill George, Robert Greenleaf, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Tom Peters to name a few

What Topics will cover?

* Understanding yourself and your strength
* How to utilise your strengths (the only way to excel)
* What is best practice leadership
* Why positive leadership
* Build positive climate, positive relationship & trust
* Positive communication & positive meaning

What outcomes you will gain after the training?

* Increased self-awareness
* Increased productivity and improved quality
* Increase self morale
* Assist people accomplish their goals
* Increase physical & mental health
* Become an employer
* Employer of choice
* Long term sustainable profitable business

Where to Train?

Venue will be at ITJTC well equipped corporate training rooms, or at your organisation’s conference room.

How Long is the training?

3 days minimum workshop training

Who are the people have taken this training?

* ANZ Banking Corporation
* Australia Post
* NSW Department of Education
* NSW Police Force
* Telstra Corporation Ltd,
* Catholic Care of the Aged Port Macquarie
* Commonwealth Banking Corporation
* Westpac Banking Corporation

How to Apply?

Call or email our sales team on 3233073, 3259705, 71817266 or email: or come in and see us.

Who is the Trainer?

Mr John McCann
Executive Coach; Positive & Organizational Psychology Specialist; Leadership Consultant;
Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Author & Presenter.

Registration / Enrolments can be done at our three locations
(Head Office) 6 Mile, Kanage St. (Former Arch Diocese of Bereina)
(Hohola Branch) At PPL Commercial Training Center at the back of PNG Power head office
(Kimbe Branch) P.O Box 116 Kimbe, WNBP

Ph: 983 5700 Fax: 983 4948 Mobile: 71141982

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P.O. Box: 616 Gordons Port Moresby NCD
Ph: 323 3073 / 325 9705 Mob: 71817266 Fax: 325 9049
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