May 9, 2015

Leadership Consultant

John McCann Leadership ConsultantJohn McCann is a Leadership Consultant

John McCann is a Leadership Consultant and he helps individuals become great leaders.

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths…making a system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” Peter Drucker

“The wake is the results we leave behind. And the wake doesn’t lie and it doesn’t care about excuses. It is what it is. No matter what we try to do to explain why, or to justify what the wake is, it still remains. It is what we leave behind and is our record.” Dr Henry Cloud

We are all leaders! Helping people become the best they can be will naturally contribute to developing leaders at all levels from cleaner to CEO.

As a Leadership Consultant, John McCann has been called upon to run tailor-made Leadership Workshops, speak at various events and contribute to publications.

John McCann welcomes contact.