CONVERSATION // This year, I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with individual clients – from young students at school through to people living in aged care.

I have also taken the leap into starting random conversations when I am out and about. It has been absolutely fascinating.

In a recent discussion with Sue Ellson, we compiled some of my insights and I commissioned this poem and I trust you will find it insightful.

Please reach out if you would like to chat. A grateful John. 🙂

Conversation Poem by Sue Ellson Emus in Wartook Victoria on 22 November 2023

Conversation Poem

By Sue Ellson

We are taught to read
We are taught to write
We are not taught to listen
It simply isn’t right

Everyone has a story
That needs acknowledging
To truly be heard
And ease their suffering

In every moment
We can fund the sunny
We can find the funny
We can find the honey

We can connect
We can grow
We can dissect
We can see below

Into all of the reasons
From all of their seasons
Behind the mask of symptoms
We can find their problems

There may not be
An instant cure
But if we listen
We’ll find what’s pure

Every meeting
Of four eyes
Is a chance to engage
And explore their whys

As we listen
As we laugh
As we learn
We find the heart

Of what it is
We all desire
To share the flame
Of our soul’s fire

Confirm how they feel
Identify the because
Put it in words
That’s how empathy works

Be present whilst they feel
Bear witness to their light
For it is in conversation
That we can restore our might

Awaken the sunrise
Allow the sunset
Listening is magic
And has a ripple effect

In every moment
In every meeting of four eyes
Listen and learn
And find a surprise

Conversation is power
It has its own reward
It helps us find
A new way forward

With someone we know
Or anyone new
Be ready to chat
This is your cue!

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