Pain Alert

BEYOND POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH // After successfully recovering from medical treatment recently, I have now recovered from an unrelated infection and COVID-19 as well.

Interestingly, I was able to continue coaching and counselling during my recovery and during the sessions, I felt no pain at all!

I am now even more grateful for my health but I am also aware that pain is an alert system and through neuroplasticity, we can retrain the brain.

I commissioned this poem by Sue Ellson to summarise this journey and I trust you will find it insightful.

Please reach out if you would like to chat. A grateful John. 🙂

Pain Alert Poem

By Sue Ellson

Pain created an alert
To my body’s suffering and hurt
I didn’t know what I was missing
Until I realised what I was losing

My brain sees fantasy and reality
But my mind converts either into pain
My emotions may drive my behaviour
To move forward I need to retrain my brain

With unconditional positive regard
I have faith despite my scars
Accurate empathy helps me discard
The feeling I am from Mars

Genuine authenticity
Keeps me true to myself in all ways
With a little neuroplasticity
I can actualise beyond bad days

No longer self-medicating
I rejoice in all creation
For lessons learned I am grateful
Now I’m focused on my true destination

As I re-learn what I knew before
I start to conquer and explore
On my knees I can finally see
What it takes to truly be

Pain was the catalyst
For my new awakening
Hope is the champion
Of my new beginning

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